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January 25, 2015

New Members: skylen, ... welcome!
Level Ups: suza (6), Emma (7), Saya (10), Saya (11), Meg (7), Meg (8), Jack (2), Samichan (10), melissa (10),
Masters: Bree (aladdin-friendlikeme, enchanted-thatshowyouknow, enchanted-trueloveskiss, enchanted-giselle, enchanted-gisellerobert), Emma (beautyandthebeast-onceuponatime), Heather (aladdin, enchanted-thatshowyouknow, hercules-astarisborn), Kaz (tangled-flynnrider, tnbc-thisishalloween, foxandthehound, frozen, fantasia-baldmountain, tnbc-jacksobsession, sp-blue), Lithxe (frozen-letitgo), Mariko (sp-pink, snowwhite, littlemermaid-missingprincess, potc1-jacksparrow), Meg (sp-purple, littlemermaid-partofyourworld, frozen-insummer, bambi, frozen-buildasnowman), melissa (cinderella-cinderella, fantasia2000, fantasia2000-firebird, littlemermaid-missingprincess, walle, littlemermaid-thesearefeet, cinderella-cinderellaprince, sp-blue, sp-red), Samichan (aladdin-meetingthestreetrat, hunchback-helptheoutcasts, walle, frozen-buildasnowman), Saya (beautyandthebeast-thewestwing, mulan-mulanmushu, sp-gold, sp-green, pocahontas-colorsofthewind, treasureplanet, walle-eve, aladdin-friendlikeme), suza (hercules-gothedistance, sp-green, frozen-insummer, frozen-olaf),
Game Updates: Group A & B
Wishing Well: Lithxe wished for cards spelling out "Valentine" (one regular card per deck)


Hope everyone is having a nice 2015 this year. I have a lot coming up the next few weeks. My best friend is coming into town January 29 for a few days. I will be going to Maui from February 4-10. My mom's birthday is February 11. So you can see I'll be quite the busy bee the next few weeks. :) With that said, I will be putting all my TCGs on a mini hiatus. You can still play the games as they will update (except for Group C which I manually update). I will be back to update on February 22 (still working on master badges.. I have over 90 to do but I've been sending them out as I do them!). I will see you all then!

New Decks

You may take a total of 8 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!

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