Welcome to Wonderland, a Disney TCG, owned by Christina. We are currently open and have been since November 28, 2016. More information?
Population: 40 Members
85 Regular decks / 1375 Regular cards
2 Special decks / 30 Special cards
Recent Additions! Please don't take these.

Happy New Year!

Level Ups: Christina (4), Hotaru (5), Lithxe (6), Lindi (4), Mio (2), Whitney (4), Lex (4) ... congrats!
Masters: Cas (aladdin-jasmine, aladdin-friendlikeme, aliceinwonderland-goldenafternoon, beautyandthebeast-onceuponatime, sp-pink, aliceinwonderland-alice), Christina (frozen-elsa, frozen-letitgo), Hotaru (fantasia, mulan-manoutofyou, mulan-mulan, tangled, tangled-flynnrider, mulan-reflection, sp-pink, sp-green, frozen-annakristoff), Lex (lionking2-oneofus, hunchback-esmeraldasdance), Lindi (hercules-hercules, frozen-letitgo, sp-green, tangled-flynnrider, toystory-buzzlightyear, sp-pink), Lithxe (sleepingbeauty-philip, lionking-simba, lionking2-oneofus, littlemermaid-missingprincess, monstersinc-mikewazowski, tarzan-trashinthecamp, toystory-buzzlightyear, hercules-hercules), Marina (aladdin-jasmine, enchanted-gisellerobert, marypoppins-marypoppins, up-growingold), Rainey (hocuspocus-thackerybinx), Samu (frozen-letitgo), Whitney (pocahontas-pocahontas, enchanted-giselle, tiggermovie-rootigger) ... congrats!
Game Updates: Group A
Wishing Well: Lithxe and Allison wished for cards spelling out NEW YEAR (one regular card per deck, comment with what you take)


I'm about to head out to a family gathering so I won't be able to update Group B games this week so you can all take a special #17 card. I'll answer forms tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve. :)

New Decks

You may take a total of 5 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!
Or you can take from the update randomizer

Posted on January 01, 2017

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